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Crispy Mountain is an experienced team of developers, designers and printing experts who are shaking up the printing industry with modern software.

We have been involved for over 10 years and have already experienced and, above all, learnt a lot. Be it in the development of complex customised software projects for print shops, machine manufacturers and suppliers or in the establishment of our own products, such as our pioneering MIS Keyline.

Let's talk about how we can get the best out of your company together!

Our flagship disciplines:
Software development
We can handle any project, no matter how complex or exotic. We develop customised and easy-to-use software products for print shops, machine manufacturers and suppliers. We are particularly good at the interaction between man, machine and software.
What we started over 10 years ago, we are now continuing to develop into an all-encompassing print shop platform. Start now with Keyline and benefit from the advantages that a modern and open MIS offers. Together we will grow to meet your challenges.
Automation consulting
Together with you, we realise undreamt-of performance potential and cost savings. With the help of no-code tools, customised software, artificial intelligence and common sense, we scrutinise every process and automate your business where it makes sense.
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